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Welcome to the leading ladies football shirts website in the UK! The Premier League and football in the UK is as popular as ever, and the audience at matches up and down the country consists of an ever increasing number of female fans. You only have to look around you when you go to a game or take a quick scan of the crowd on TV to see that women and families now consider football and safe and family environment, mainly thanks to the introduction of all seater stadiums and greater security.

We aim to bring you the latest ladies football shirts which are usually hidden away in a little visited part of a website. Our table below shows the latest ladies replica shirts for the Premier League 2016/17 as well as Aston Villa and Newcastle from the Championship.

Arsenal ladies shirt 2016/17
Chelsea ladies shirt 2016-17
Everton ladies shirt 2016/17
ladies Liverpool shirt 2016-17
Man Utd womens 2016-17
Man Utd
Tottenham ladies shirt 2016/17
Man City womens 2016-17
Man City
Aston Villa ladies shirt 2016-17
Aston Villa
Newcastle ladies shirt 2016-17

Nearly all of the major clubs across Europe have recognised the growing female fan base with replica shirts that are designed specifically for women. There shirts will have a slim and feminine fit, so there is no excuse in turning up to the match in your older brother’s baggy old shirt!

We feature all of the latest replica ladies football shirts, including the international shirts worn in Euro 2016 as well as all of the latest Premiership and top European designs.

The ladies replica shirts are always designed specifically for women, so they provide a slim and feminine fit and they are a great way to support your team as they look great at the game or as casual wear.

Participation in women’s football has been on the rise for many years, boosted by the success of Team GB at the Olympics in 2012, the England team at the Women’s World Cup in Canada and the thriving Womens Super League. This is a very competitive league with strong challenges from teams such as Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester City.

As well as all of the latest replica ladies football shirts, we will also be aiming to bring you the latest kit for women, and make sure that you check out our sister site which is the leading womens football boots site in the UK, featuring the latest models for female players and reviews of the top boots.

We hope that you enjoy looking through the site and enjoy supporting your club and national teams in the latest ladies football shirts!

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